Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Flower Quotes

While many lists of types of flowers incorporate common favorites, this list hopes to be well-rounded and give ideas to please varying types of women. Think about what the woman in your life enjoys, where she likes to spend time, what she laughs at, and what makes her smile.

A quick trip to the florist for one of those pre-done bouquets can be done anytime, but she will appreciate the extra effort you take to think about the flower types she would truly enjoy.


Now there are some women who are just going to adore roses. My suggestion? Change it up a bit. Go for colors she would not expect, blue, cream and red swirled, or even one of each color. Go for old English roses, also known as country roses, that have a totally different look and feel than traditional hybrid tea roses.

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Do you have a woman is into retro, antique and vintage items? Go old-school the next time you order flowers. Orchids are luscious and exotic, with a scent that is going to take her back to the days of Bette Page and pin-ups. If you have a pin-up queen girlfriend or wife, be sure to match that style and send orchids.


I would opt for Tiger Lilies for those of you who have an unique one-of-a-kind gal who never goes following trends and the norm. These can be cut flowers or in pots. Go for the pots and give her a longer-lasting option that she'll adore. Tiger Lilies can come in a variety of colors. Have the florist give you a wide variety of choices.


You are going to want daisies for the woman with a childlike innocence and wonder. Whether you get the white roadside favorite, or opt for the brightly hued Gerber daisies, these are typically called "the friendly flower".

Venus Flytraps

You may be wondering why this is on the list. Perhaps your woman is a zombie fan and by the logic that no two women are the same, she is going to appreciate a different kind of flower. Zombie fandom is actually getting to be quite a trend, even to the point of zombie-themed weddings. If you know this about her, don't send her red roses and be like everyone else, send her a "bouquet" of Venus Flytraps in a decorative pot. For a great added effect, have the florist fix moss around the Fytraps in the pot.

The flower types you choose should really be a reflection of the person receiving them. Roses are not going to work if you're girl just is not in to them. On the same note, the uber-romantic is not going to appreciate a Venus Flytrap. There are many types of flowers that are as unique as the woman you love. Pick carefully.