Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Flower Quotes

While many lists of types of flowers incorporate common favorites, this list hopes to be well-rounded and give ideas to please varying types of women. Think about what the woman in your life enjoys, where she likes to spend time, what she laughs at, and what makes her smile.

A quick trip to the florist for one of those pre-done bouquets can be done anytime, but she will appreciate the extra effort you take to think about the flower types she would truly enjoy.


Now there are some women who are just going to adore roses. My suggestion? Change it up a bit. Go for colors she would not expect, blue, cream and red swirled, or even one of each color. Go for old English roses, also known as country roses, that have a totally different look and feel than traditional hybrid tea roses.

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Do you have a woman is into retro, antique and vintage items? Go old-school the next time you order flowers. Orchids are luscious and exotic, with a scent that is going to take her back to the days of Bette Page and pin-ups. If you have a pin-up queen girlfriend or wife, be sure to match that style and send orchids.


I would opt for Tiger Lilies for those of you who have an unique one-of-a-kind gal who never goes following trends and the norm. These can be cut flowers or in pots. Go for the pots and give her a longer-lasting option that she'll adore. Tiger Lilies can come in a variety of colors. Have the florist give you a wide variety of choices.


You are going to want daisies for the woman with a childlike innocence and wonder. Whether you get the white roadside favorite, or opt for the brightly hued Gerber daisies, these are typically called "the friendly flower".

Venus Flytraps

You may be wondering why this is on the list. Perhaps your woman is a zombie fan and by the logic that no two women are the same, she is going to appreciate a different kind of flower. Zombie fandom is actually getting to be quite a trend, even to the point of zombie-themed weddings. If you know this about her, don't send her red roses and be like everyone else, send her a "bouquet" of Venus Flytraps in a decorative pot. For a great added effect, have the florist fix moss around the Fytraps in the pot.

The flower types you choose should really be a reflection of the person receiving them. Roses are not going to work if you're girl just is not in to them. On the same note, the uber-romantic is not going to appreciate a Venus Flytrap. There are many types of flowers that are as unique as the woman you love. Pick carefully.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


"All the flowers would have very extra special powers" This is a quote from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Flowers have been a symbol of peace and love throughout the ages. From the "Flower Power" movement of the 1960's, when activist and young pacifist Jane Rose Kasmir was photographed planting a flower on the bayonets of guards at the Pentagon during a protest against the Vietnam War on October 21, 1967. A Moment in time that would go on in American culture and heritage to reflect a moment of peace in a time of war, symbolizing a new type of passive resistance, coined by Ginsberg's 1965 essay titled How to Make a March/Spectacle. During the late 1800's a woman rejecting a suitor might send him yellow roses. During world war one a man leaving for a battle overseas might give his girlfriend forget-me-nots. Most people remember that red roses mean "I love you," but floriography itself has been largely forgotten, a Victorian practice where particular types of flowers meant different things.

In some cases flowers may have a more grim representation such as calla lilies at a funeral. Recently evidence of flowers dating back to the prehistoric period have been discovered through 'Flower Fossils'. Archaeologists uncovered skeletons of a man, two women and an infant buried together in soil containing pollen of flowers in a cave in Iraq. This association of flowers with the cave dwelling Neanderthals of the Pleistocene epoch is indicative of the role of flowers in burial rituals. Analysis of the sediment pollen concentrated in batches, implied that possible bunches of flowers had been placed on the grave. Closer examination of the flower pollen enabled scientists to identify many flowers that were present, all of which had some therapeutic properties.

flower flower flower flower flower flower flower flower flower
That's right, before we had the local drugstore pharmacy with it's many colorful cough syrups to aid our aliments we relied on flowers. Flowers like calendula for aches and pains or hyssop for a sore throat. Today you might be able to find Ecanechia at your local pharmacy. Although most of the immunity boosting qualities of this flower comes form it's roots, it is a healing flower all the same. For the most part healing flowers are a thing of the past. That is of course if you are excluding one of today's most controversial flowers, the cannabis or marijuana flower. This highly debated flower is said to aid in a number of ailments such as chronic pain, depression and stomach upset, just to name a few. Although some states have legalized cannabis for medical use, it's distributors and the patients that have come to rely on it's healing properties are under the constant scrutiny of not only our federal government but the state elected officials whom continue to argue the validity of this flowers power.

Some flowers are just plan good to eat. Take the Squash flower. This bright and brilliant flower carries a buttery flavor of summer. Simply saute lightly and sprinkle a little salt and there you have it. A delicious snack that's also beautiful. And you you have never had dried blueberries and dark chocolate with fresh and fragrant lavender, then you just don't know what you're missing. Dandelions which are commonly referred to as weeds are sweetest with a honey like flavor when they are picked young. Next time you make a salad or rice pilaf try adding some dandelion flowers and greens.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Flower Clip Art

Creating artful presentations, crafting interesting articles, and making readable documents could be made more visually exciting if clip art is used. In fact, many people are using clip art to decorate boring write ups and projects, make their own cards, and even make a point more interesting. Most people who use clip art at present use free clip art.

What is free clip art?

Free clip art are copied or cut images that are made available for any person or organization to use. People who are interested in using these clip art images need not provide their credit card numbers or shell out some cash. These images are free of charge. If these are printed clip art images, people could simply cut them out and paste them wherever they need the images. If these are electronic clip art images, simply downloading them from the website or copying them to your document would do the trick.

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What are the designs or drawings of free clip art?

Free clip art come in a wide range of designs and drawings. In fact, one could access thousands of free clip art images, and all these can easily be downloaded from a number of quality web sites. What's more, these free clip art images are organized according to theme.

There are free clip art designs and drawings that show animals, cartoons, computer images, flowers, education, food, holidays, celebrations, icons, plants, logos, people, countries, business images, religious images, clip art on science, love, science fiction, sports, kids, nature, weddings, transportation, travel, medicine, music, smileys, movies, politics, and many others.

Where can one find free clip art?

The World Wide Web is the most popular source of free clip art. You could simply use your favorite search engine and you will then be led to a long list of results for free clip art. You can simply download them from the site and use these free clip art images to jazz up your documents or presentations.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Flower Drawing

Flower art can be very beautiful. Artists often express emotions in their art as well as portray the beauty in nature when they do it appropriately and in a way that audiences will enjoy. It can come in many different forms. Some types of flower art include photos, paintings, drawings, and pressed flowers.

Photographers take photos of an endless number of items. Flowers seem to be a popular choice for photography. Some of these photos might be used for things like calendars, desktop backgrounds on computers, or even wall decorations when the photos are framed. Some photographers simply photograph flowers as they are in their surroundings outdoors or even indoors and others situate the flowers in a pleasing arrangement for the camera.

Flower paintings are another popular medium for art. There are oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings of flowers along with other types of paint. However, the ones listed are the most common types of paint that are used.

flower drawing flower drawing flower drawing flower drawing flower drawing flower drawing flower drawing flower drawing flower drawing
There are several types of styles also. It seems that some paintings show exactly what the artist saw at the time he or she was creating the artwork. This style is known as realism because it shows realistic details. Other artists focus on expressing feelings or exploring shapes or colors. This is known as abstraction because it is not completely realistic but focuses more on the subjective form or how the main idea of the painting makes people feel.

There are even artists that specialize in creating paintings of flowers. Some of these painters who are American include Martin Johnson Heade, Maria Oakey Dewing, and Georgia O'Keeffe. There are also other Dutch, French, German, Belgian, Spanish, Flemish and Danish flower painters. The list goes on and on, starting from as early as the 1500's (and possibly even earlier) through today.

Another popular form of flower art is that of flower drawings. These make viewers appreciate the simple beauty in flowers. Drawings include quite a bit of detail. While they will not be as exact as photographs, the essence of the flowers and overall feel of the scene can be capture with other effects such as atmospheric perspective or exaggeration. This makes certain parts of the drawing stand out more than others and brings it to life.

Another form of art that involves flowers is that of pressed flowers. This is easy and can be a fun project to do. It is not expensive to do this and the equipment is easy to find. Flower presses can be found and purchased at craft stores, even though they are not always necessary. Flowers, absorbent paper, pressure, and warmth are the only things that are needed in order to press flowers. While there are not many specific pressed flower artists, it is still a popular form of art involving flowers.

Flower art has the potential to be quite beautiful and inspiring. Viewers have the chance to see another side of nature that they normally might not see and might actually enjoy it. Overall, there are endless possibilities and they are all appealing in their own way.